Do away with your receipts shoebox: scan them on the go with this Xero app

No more receipts shoebox - receipt scanning with Xero Expenses

Small business owner / operators are busy people. We’re constantly on the go, so we don’t have time to stay on top of our expenses and receipts on a daily basis. Instead we toss them into a box not unlike this.

Does this image look familiar?

Shoeboxed Receipts

Come end-of-month we are confronted by the daunting task of unravelling all the dockets and trying to remember what each expense was for.  We are likely to defer and then inevitably just hand the shoebox over to our bookkeeper.

As it turns out, there is an easier process. Xero now has an app to do away with the shoebox forever.  By installing Xero Expenses on your phone (available for with iPhone and Android), you can simply scan the receipt at the time of purchase and toss the receipt into the bin.  Xero will store the electronic copy in the cloud, and match the expense against your chart of accounts.

The receipt is stored alongside your expenses journal – for easy retrieval should you need to review expenses, or be required to audit your books.  And you needn’t worry about ATO compliance. Since 1999, the ATO has allowed business owners to electronically store their receipts.

It’s as simple as that. If you scan on the go directly into your accounting software, you can do away with the receipts shoebox, and the anxiety of dealing with end-of-month data entry and reconciliations.

For more information regarding Xero Expenses app, refer to the Xero website

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